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Year 1

Please see your child's Google Classroom for this week's headline learning objectives.

Year 1 Curriculum

Here are the topics we'll be focussing on during the year:

Autumn 1 – To Infinity and Beyond!

This half term we will learning about different geographical locations, close to home and far away. We will be using geographical vocabulary to describe and compare places ranging from Dulwich Village to the moon! The children will be learning about the lives of significant individuals such as Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison. We will be learning about simple mechanisms such as pulleys or levers and joining different materials.

To support learning we can recommend the following website: Science Museum Website

Autumn 2 – We are Architects

In Autumn 2 we will be studying and comparing buildings from all over the world. The children will explore what makes buildings stable and strong, through the story of the Three Little Pigs, using a range of construction materials. We will also design and make a clay representation of our dream home using different patterns and textures.

To support learning we can recommend the following website: Geffrye Museum

Spring 1 – We Can Be Heroes!

We will be creating our own superhero identities, complete with superpowers, mask and cape (designed and put together by the children themselves). We will look at fictional and real-life heroes, thinking about what it takes to be a hero and how so many of them make our lives better and safer. The children will also identify and describe parts of the human body and the five basic senses.

Spring 2 – Over Land and Sea

In this topic we will be learning about great adventurers such as Earnest Shackleton and Amelia Earhart. We will find out about different significant historical events from the past such as the Titanic.

To support learning we can recommend the following website: The James Caird

Summer 1 – Ready Steady Grow!

In the first half of Summer Term our topic has a science theme and we will be planting vegetables and flowers in our own school grounds, watching them grow and tasting some before the year is out! The children will also identify and classify our local deciduous and evergreen trees in Dulwich. To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Kew Gardens - Children's Garden
RHS Campaign for School Gardening

Summer 2 – Blue Planet

In this topic we will discover the continents and oceans of the world, exploring the animals that live on land and sea with a trip to the seaside! The children will also identify and name a variety of common animals from amphibians to birds, finding out which are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.