Questionnaire - Broad and balanced Curriculum - March 2018

At DVIS we aim for excellence and enjoyment in the life of the school. We define a broad and balanced curriculum as one that develops the whole child and encourages a love of learning. We provide a curriculum that is challenging, builds resilience and supports children in their understanding of how to learn. We want them to be inspired to learn more about themselves, the community they live in and the world around them, developing empathy for others.

At DVIS we believe we offer a broad and balanced curriculum but this year we are looking to develop this further through:

  1. Using the children’s interest more to develop learning in class.
  2. Telling the children what specific subjects they are learning e.g. saying when they are learning History.
  3. Using a more free flow approach to introducing the topics.
  4. Adding more creative ideas and experiences to the topics.

We value your views on this area of school life and ask if you could please take 5 minutes to respond to the questionnaire in relation to the year group your child is in now, thank you. CLICK HERE

Pupil Questionnaire March 2018

We like to reflect with our children on the learning experience we offer​ and will be asking the children for their views on their time here at DVIS. CLICK HERE for more detail.

Our thanks to parents who took time to complete the Curriculum questionnaire.

We really appreciate your support and encouragement as well as ideas for the future.

Headlines are as follows:

  • ​​The 'wordle' picture on this page shows the words used to describe the curriculum...the larger the word the more of you used it to describe the curriculum at DVIS! We are really pleased to see that words such as varied, engaging, creative, fun, diverse and balanced have appeared so positively. 94% of parents scored DVIS between 7 & 10 out of 10 for meeting their children's interest at school.
  • ​​The type of learning children most talk about at school is mainly outside learning, creative play, free-flow, hands-on, active play and investigations.
  • ​​Children positively comment on phonics and reading as well as trips, music and creative play.
  • ​​The children would like to see more small group work, learning through play, creative and scientific activities.
  • ​​Overall people look at the website and newsletters from the year groups for information regarding the school's curriculum.
  • ​​Progress parents have seen this year is fairly equal between reading, writing and maths.
  • ​​Parents see the broad and balanced curriculum at DVIS through experiences such as hands on moments e.g. trips and the chicks hatching, whole school events such as the nativity or Book Week, topic related learning.
  • ​​Parents would like DVIS to cater more for their child's needs through active learning such as through dance, play and drama, more art and science, deeper discussions around topics and further communication about learning in school and ideas for outside school.
  • ​​However parents also felt that their child's needs had been met through outside play, science and nature, reading, art, music, maths and broadly, PE at DVIS.

Moving forward following the questionnaire response we plan to action:​

  • ​​Communicating more of the activities we do in school related to science, nature, outside learning and play through the website and year group blogs.
  • Expanding on the schools work around topics, non core subjects (eg. art and history), free flow play and outside learning.
  • Sharing the children's responses to their topics and from their learning and activities during the school week.
  • Continue to look at the ways in which the curriculum is delivered, utilising the outside learning spaces more, further developing hands on activities, experiments, discussions and role play.

Please do keep communicating with us about what else you thin would support the children, their learning and social development here at school.

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