This week we are learning: w/b 30.11.20

WAL: Sounds l, ll, ff.
WALT: Write a dinosaur fact using sounds. To use sounds to write cvc words.
WAL: One More and One less than a number.
WALT: Look in depth with numbers to 5.

Remote Learning - COVID-19

DVIS will offer learning activities for children who are isolating whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results for themselves or others. Where a whole class has to be out of school due to COVID-19, remote learning for children using Google Classrooms will be accessible. Click HERE for more information on the DVIS approach to remote learning.

Autumn 1 – My world and I

In this topic we will be starting with the children as a focal point and looking at why it is good to be me! We will talk about our families, where we live and the things we enjoy doing. This topic also covers our cultural differences, the values we hold and how we can show respect for others.

Autumn 2 – The land before time!

This is an exploration into the world of dinosaurs! The children will draw, write, read and investigate all about the land before time. Often at this time of year, a dinosaur egg appears but who knows where it has come from or what will actually hatch?

Spring 1 – In with a splash

Water is everywhere! We look at the properties of water, how we can care for the animals that live in our oceans, rain and what we would do without it.

Spring 2 – Use your imagination...

The imagination is one of the mots powerful learning tools we have! In this topic we learn to use it as we write stories based ion traditional tales and then create all sorts of wonderful imaginary things such as potions, recipes, music and plays.

Summer 1 – From the furry to the feathered

There are so many animals...everywhere we look, really huge ones and small, tiny ones! During this topic we look at all of God's creatures, spot their similarities and differences, learn about how we can care for them, where they live and what they like to eat.

Summer 2 – Creepy crawlies

Our garden is a wonderful place to explore this topic! We investigate all the amazing bugs that live under the soil, beneath the leaves and in the air. They fly, creep, crawl and scuttle...can you see them before they disappear again? What would it be like to be a minibeast?