Year 1


This week we are learning: w/b 30.11.20

WALT: Read and write the sounds - ue (blue), e-e (complete), i-e (prize), wh (whisper).
WALT: Revise reading and writing the sounds – oo (moon), ea (sea), ee (feel), igh (right), ie (pie), w (want).
WALT: Read the words - their, people, looked, called, asked.
WALT: Spell the words – said, so, have, like, some, come, were, there.
WALT Write in sentences with capital letters and full stops.
WALT: Use ‘but’ and ‘and’ within a sentence.
WALT: Use adjectives to describe.
WALT: Sequence events in a story.

WALT: Sort 2D shapes
WALT: Make patterns with 3D and 2D shapes
WALT: Count forwards and backwards and write numbers to 20 in numerals and words.
WALT: Numbers from 11 to 20

For more detail on what learning is involved for each topic, please see Year One curriculum map.

Remote Learning - COVID-19

DVIS will offer learning activities for children who are isolating whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results for themselves or others. Where a whole class has to be out of school due to COVID-19, remote learning for children using Google Classrooms will be accessible. Click HERE for more information on the DVIS approach to remote learning.

Autumn 1 – Yr 1 TOPIC – To Infinity and Beyond

This half term we will journeying to different real and fantasy places, and will be focusing on using geographical words to describe what places are like, and how they are similar or different. The children will be thinking scientifically and making predictions during different experiments linking to a space theme. We will be learning about simple mechanisms such as pulleys or levers and joining different materials.

To support learning we can recommend the following website:
Science Museum Website

Autumn 2 – Yr 1 TOPIC – We are Architects!

We will be looking at buildings from the past and present as well as from around the world. The children will be exploring what makes buildings stiff, strong and stable through the story of The Three Little Pigs using a range of unusual construction materials. We will also design and make a sculpture of our dream home using different patterns and textures. Geffrye Museum Website

Spring 1 – Yr 1 TOPIC – We Can Be Heroes!

We will be creating our own superhero identities, complete with superpowers, mask and cape. We will be looking at the properties and uses of different materials, and using this knowledge to design and make costumes for our superheroes. The children will also identify and describe parts of the human body and the five basic senses.

Spring 2 – Yr 1 TOPIC – Over Land and Sea

In this topic we will be learning about great adventurers such as Shackleton and Amelia Earhart. We will find out about different significant historical events from the past such as the Titanic.
The James Caird

Summer 1 – Yr 1 TOPIC – Ready Steady Grow!

In the first half of Summer Term our topic has a science theme and we will be planting vegetables and flowers in our own school grounds, watching them grow and tasting some before the year is out! The children will also identify and classify our local deciduous and evergreen trees in Dulwich.
To support learning we can recommend the following websites:
Kew Gardens - Children's Garden
RHS Campaign for School Gardening

Summer 2 – Yr 1 TOPIC – Blue Planet

In this topic we will discover the continents and oceans of the world, exploring the animals that live on land and sea with a trip to the seaside! The children will also identify and name a variety of common animals from amphibians to birds, finding out which are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.