Year 2


This week we are learning: 


WALT: Identify 2-D shapes on the surface of 3-D shapes.
WALT: Identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes.
WALT: Recognise right angles in 2-D shapes.
WALT: Identify and describe the properties of 2-D shapes, including the number of sides and lines of symmetry.


WALT: Write questions to find out information.
WALT: Write commands using imperative verbs.
WALT: Retell a story from a character's point of view.

pdflogoLook, cover, say, write template

For more detail on what learning is involved for each topic, please see Year Two curriculum map.

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Autumn 1 – Yr 2 TOPIC – Bright Lights, Big City

This half term we learn about London past and present.We visit The Tower of London as part of our history focus and learn about the Great Fire of London.

To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Science: We will be learning about how materials change when they are heated or cooled.  

Autumn 2 – Yr 2 TOPIC – Give it some Art!t

As the name suggests, our learning in this topic has a strong art bias with a focus on pattern in art, and on learning the rudiments of drawing. Our work involves a variety of media, including paint, digital images, collage and sculpture.

To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Spring 1 – Yr 2 TOPIC – Trash to Treasure

This topic has an environmental theme and we focus on energy saving, waste, litter and many other topics. We develop a greater awareness of our own environment and what we can do to protect it and enhance it. We learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle!

To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Science: This term our focus is Electricity.

Spring 2 – Yr 2 TOPIC – Turrets, Towers, Tiaras!

In this topic we learn about the Royal Family, using secondary sources of information to compare the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria supported by a visit to the Royal Mews. Based on our learning about the Royal Family’s heritage, we research our own family tree. We explore the features of a British castle to design and create a castle façade using levers and pulleys.

To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Summer 1 – Yr 2 TOPIC – Get Coding

This topic supports learning about what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions. We also learn about how to create and debug simple programs.

School Trip:  London Zoo

To support learning we can recommend the following websites:

Science:  This term our learning is about Life Processes and Living Things.

Summer 2 – Famous People

This half of the term our topic will be Famous people.  We will focus on Mahatma Ghandi, Florence Nightingale and Nelson Mandela.  The children will then be taking part in independent research of their own chosen famous person, using ipads, books, magazines and doing their own fact finding at home. 

Science: This term our focus is Forces.