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After School Clubs

“After school clubs are a fantastic way to build the cultural capital of our children”

Helen Poyton

Clubs are offered to all Year One and Year Two children at Dulwich Village C of E Infants School. We view these opportunities as another way in which the school can build on the cultural capital of the children.

The clubs run after the school day and offer a range of enrichment opportunities for the children, including activities such as Art, Spanish, Science, Football, Tennis, Dance and Dance. The clubs are run either by members of staff or an external organiser e.g. Tap-Tap Football, Arty Party, Little Rackets. All leaders of clubs are DBS checked.

Letters for after school clubs are emailed to parents/carers at the end of each term in order to organise the clubs for the following term. Parents need to complete an online club request form and the children are then allocated clubs accordingly. The school then informs parents which club has been allocated in preparation for the following term.

Clubs cost approximately £8.00 and run for between 45 minutes to an hour. All clubs are held on the school sites i.e. Lake or Francis Buildings.