“Play is the highest form of research”

Albert Einstein

Please see your child's Google Classroom for this week's headline learning objectives.

Remote Learning - COVID-19

DVIS will offer learning activities for children who are isolating whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results for themselves or others. Where a whole class has to be out of school due to COVID-19, remote learning for children using Google Classrooms will be accessible.

Reception Curriculum

Here's the topics we will be focussing on during the year:

Autumn 1 – Who am I?

Looking at family, school area, homes, friends, feelings.

Autumn 2 – Why is light important?

Light and dark, nocturnal animals, Eid, Diwali, Christmas.

Spring 1 – How can I care for my world?

Plastic pollution, litter, recycling, looking after animals and plants, saving water.

Spring 2 – What can I create?

Traditional tales, potion making, music, role play, junk modelling, creative art.

Summer 1 – What lives in my world?

Animals - wild, farm, pets, birds, dinosaurs, creepy crawlies, plants.

Summer 2 – What makes me strong?

Healthy eating, exercise, being strong with emotions, learning from mistakes, moving to Year 1.

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