Pupil Premium and PE & Sport Premium

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Pupil Premium Grant

The government introduced new funding arrangements for schools in 2011. One of these key changes was the introduction of the pupil premium, which is linked to the number of children who receive free school meals which also includes those who have been eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years, children who are ‘looked after children’ or children of those parents in the armed forces.

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pdflogoPupil Premium Funding 2020-21

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PE and Sport Premium

The Government have committed funds for sports in schools for the next three academic years. At Dulwich Village C of E Infants' School we will receive approximately £9045.00. Schools may choose how to spend this funding for example on PE specialists, teacher training, running sports competitions or clubs or opening up new sporting activities to the children.

At this school we are using the funds to develop the PE curriculum and to further opportunities for children to be involved in sport at school. To see the DVIS action plan for the use of these funds please click on the PDF attachment link below.  

pdflogoSports Premium Funding 2021-22

pdflogoSports Premium Funding 2020-21

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pdflogoSports Premium Funding 2018-19

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COVID Catch-Up Funding

The government has given each school £80 per pupil on roll.

At DVIS we aim and vision is for all children to flourish with God in life, learning and love.

The catch-up funding from the government over the academic year 2020/21 will enable the school to support this vision. DVIS will use this funding with the following principles in mind:
Supporting those who are the most vulnerable in terms of their learning following the break in school attendance last year. Use the assessment feedback from all teachers regarding what subjects and skills need to be developed and who needs this support as a matter of priority. Pay for the best options of intervention based on research and other schools' experiences.

For more detail of the support please click below.

pdflogoCatch-up Funding at DVIS

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