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Our Curriculum

“A Child-Centric, Broad and Balanced Curriculum”

Throughout the provision and across the curriculum we want to ensure the children are central to the planning, learning and teaching. We want children to flourish here at DVIS and grow in all aspects of their social, spiritual, moral and cultural lives.

We fully believe that “Each person, in all their unique difference, should be able to thrive” (Valuing All God’s Children - Aut ’17) and that we encourage “Both developing habits and developing reflective wisdom in order to act with freedom and creativity in changing circumstances.” (‘The Fruit of The Spirit – C of E Discussion Paper on Character Education’ Oct 2015). Through our vision, values based on the fruit of the Spirit and our professional insight and response to the children, we develop topics and approaches to learning and life that we believe strikes this balance.

At DVIS we have mapped out the curriculum and skills across the three year groups. This work has been developed with the professionals delivering it and set within a deep understanding and knowledge of early childhood development and education. The plans show where each aspect of learning will be built on, in each year group, by term:

pdflogoArt and Design


pdflogoDesign and Technology




pdflogoPhysical Education

pdflogoPSHE / RSE

pdflogoRE / Collective Worship

pdflogoSTAR Reading


pdflogoMaths Year 1

pdflogoMaths Year 2

pdflogoSTAR Writing



Our intention at DVIS is for our curriculum to raise children who are:

  • Life-long and active learners
  • Aware of how they learn
  • Prepared for their future
  • Resilient in the face of adversity
  • Able to think of others and their community
  • Able to take responsibility for themselves and their learning
  • Open to seeking challenge
  • Confident in who they are and were created to be
  • Enthusiastic readers, writers, who love numbers

Cultural Capital

At DVIS we understand cultural capital to be a combination of the knowledge, interests and skills that the children bring with them from their homes and experiences, and the learning added to this through the school's curriculum. Children's own cultural capital is utilised, developed, enhanced and added to through their education at school. The school bolsters this with a carefully planned set of intentions for the school curriculum, the development of learning skills and experiences. We aim to utilise the children's cultural capital whilst ensuring that all children have access to a shared set of important learning experiences.

With this intent in mind each subject for the National Curriculum has its own outcome and set of intentions for the children to achieve and experience by the end of Key Stage 1.

Underpinning this work is the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage framework objectives and skills plotted across the Key Stages. This overarching plan ensures all of the curriculum is taught sequentially during a child’s time at DVIS. The progression of any skills required to learn the curriculum or to deepen understanding of their learning experiences are also planned across the year groups, building on past learning and knowledge and then challenging with new thinking and learning. In order to truly learn and be changed through the learning process, the children need to develop learning tools that they can transfer from one objective, topic or learning space to another. For this work we refer to specific learning ‘powers’, including resilience.

pdflogoCultural Capital Statement at DVIS

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